Loading and Running Stored Programs

Open vs. Import

Two basic commands on TinyELF's File menu are provided for loading 1802 programs from disk: Open (or Open Recent) and Import. What's the difference between Open and Import?

Using Open and Open Recent

Open menu screenshot.

The behavior for Open allows you to double-click a saved TinyELF program in the Finder and immediately have an ELF ready to run the program, providing it was saved with a start address of 0000. All of the sample programs provided with TinyELF have been saved this way.

Open dialog screenshot.

To load one of the provided sample programs, or any other program saved with a start address of 0000, do any one of the following:

  • From Finder, double click the program you want to run.
  • From TinyELF's File menu, select Open and choose the desired program.
  • From TinyELF's File menu, select Open Recent and pick one of the previously loaded programs from the list, if any.

Once the program is loaded, just click the Run button to enter Run mode.

See the Sample Program Notes for details about running each of the provided sample programs. Some, like Tiny BASIC, may require additional steps before the program appears to do anything.

Using Import

Import menu screenshot.

Sometimes you may wish to load a program or some data at an address other than 0000, perhaps to combine it with a program already loaded in an ELF's memory. At other times, you might want to start a second ELF computer with a program that's already in use by another ELF. The Import Into Current Computer command on the File menu gives you the ability to do these things.

Import sheet screenshot.

To import a program or data into the current ELF computer, select the Import Into Current Computer command from TinyELF's File menu. For raw binary files, choose the file, enter the memory address to load the file at, and click the Import button.

Intel hex files have address information embedded inside them. TinyELF always imports these files using the embedded address information. If you need to relocate a program saved as an Intel hex file, save it as a raw binary file and then import it to the desired address.