Saving Programs

Save menu screenshot.

Programs or other data in memory may be saved using the Save or Save As commands on TinyELF's File menu. The Save command will save the current program immediately if you've already named it, or will bring up a sheet allowing you to name it if you haven't; the Save As command will always allow you to enter a program name.

Save sheet screenshot.

To save a program or memory region to your hard disk, select Save or Save As from TinyELF's File menu. If prompted, enter a name, a starting address, and an ending address for the program. You may also specify the file format, either 1802 Raw Binary or Intel Hex; for more information on supported file types, click here.

When you are storing a program as a raw 1802 binary, you will usually want to specify a starting address of 0000, because that is where TinyELF will begin program execution after it has been reset. This also allows the program to be immediately loaded into TinyELF when the program's icon is double clicked in the Finder.