Using the Trace Panel

TinyELF allows you to view the last 1,000 instructions executed, along with comments revealing the effect of each instruction.

Trace menu screenshot.

To view the execution trace history, select the Trace command from TinyELF's Debug menu.

Trace panel screenshot.

The trace buffer can be cleared by clicking the Clear button.

Some of the comments may seem a little strange at first, because some instructions involve several values of interest. It helps to remember that the equals sign generally means that the value on the left side contains or points to the value on the right side. For instance, consider:

ADD    .. D=1E, DF=0 from X=R4=00A5=06 + D=18

The ADD instruction takes the memory byte pointed to by the register pointed to by X, adds it to the contents of D, and puts the carry flag in DF. Breaking down the comment above, we see: