TinyELF simulates a small computer popular in the 1970s, the ELF II. The bare-bones nature of this machine made it ideal for learning the fundamentals of computing. These concepts still apply to today's computers.

Part 1 of this help book is a tutorial on the ELF II. You should be able to use TinyELF for all of the exercises and experiments in the tutorial.

Part 2 describes features of TinyELF that go beyond the ELF II, such as saving programs to your hard disk, or using the Debug panels to watch what's going on inside the computer.

Part 1: A Short Course in Programming* by Tom Pittman

Part 2: Using TinyELF's Features

* (A Short Course In Programming is Copyright 1980 by Tom Pittman, and is reproduced in TinyELF's help book with the author's permission. Visit Tom's website.)